Back in the first half of 20th century a little Armenian boy used to spend summers with his grandmother.
Her name was Gyulsar. She lived in a German village called Gruenfeld, and was the local physician.
Her relatives and neighbors visited her regularly to get an advice, or useful herbs.

Years passed. The boy moved from village to the capital-Yerevan. He started a new life with a family, job and a university degree.
His name was Khazaros.

He was living a happy life untill two dramatic things happened:
Two years he spent lying in bed with a diagnosis of Bone Tuberculosis and a letter from doctors about cutting his legs. A doctor saved him with a more precise diagnosis of Infectious Arthritis, healthy lifestyle, herbs, and medicine.
Second distress was TNG found at his wife. From that point on Khazaros started collecting books about phytotherapy, herbs, and healthy food to cure his wife. He succeeded.
The childhood lessons from his grandmother were a gift. More and more people got interested in herbs and Khazaros opened
his shop in the early 1990's, selling high quality, 100% natural, hand processed eco herbs.

Once upon a time...